The powerhouse of the range, Taiga redefines all that is possible from a single media server. Featuring 6 unlimited DVI or DisplayPort outputs, the Taiga can drive at least 3 x 4K displays at full frame rate. DisplayPort 1.2 enables the Taiga to drive many 4K displays and projectors with a single cable. Taiga uses the newest generation of server-class computer hardware to deliver unrivalled performance.

Technical Data Sheet

● 6x DisplayPort 1.2 or 6x DVI Dual link outputs
● All outputs can be Genlocked to an external sync source
● 3TB of internal Solid State Drives, (SSD) including 1TB of PCIe SSD
● Stereo XLR Audio in and out with isolation and earth lift
● 2 x optional internal cards (Capture or SMPTE)
● 4x Removable harddrives for upto 4TB of additional SSD storage using the STRATA Caddy System
● Optional Touch screen
● Status indicating front LEDs


Example using 1 X Hippotizer Taiga Unit

● Run many outputs at once while visualising the entire canvas in real time

● Use SHAPE to map your content onto complex 3D structures from a 3D model

● Alternatively, use RegionMapper to quickly map 2D content onto a 3D surface without a 3D model

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