Projection mapping is becoming more demanding for its advocates, and the live event industry is awash with a multitude of exciting and challenging projects. However, we at Green Hippo believe that the biggest challenge is eliminating the divide between 3D content creators and the projection designers who deploy the 3D creations in the field. Allow us to introduce SHAPE.

SHAPE, from the makers of Hippotizer, unifies the 3D mapping workflow from concept and pre-visualisation, to content creation and finally project realisation.

Built-in surface modelling, image analysis and support for all common UV mapping methods along with virtual projection makes SHAPE a game changing approach to mapping onto non-linear surfaces.

In realtime SHAPE can map incoming video (via HD-SDI or DVI input cards) to multiple projected outputs. This allows content creators to work with challenging projection projects live via plug-ins for their chosen 3D creation software.

Once content creation is complete, SHAPE offers powerful tools to deliver the project on-site.

Hippotizer V4 Brochure


SHAPE seamlessly integrates with Green Hippo's other product ranges by simply importing project files, enabling automatic projector line up, warping and blending to be combined with the world's most powerful media server solutions.

● Built in 3D model optimisation tools
● Model and scene editing without external software
● Projector blending system for multiple projector setups
● Grid based projector warping system for each projector
● Plug-ins available for popular media authoring tools to allow real-time visualisation directly from canvas
● Fast automated multi-user projector line-up system
● Multi user session based networking system
● Can be used standalone or tightly integrated within the Green Hippo Hippotizer V4 or AViary range of servers
● Supports import of scenic elements with full material support
● Supports scenic lighting to for added realism
● Built in set of common objects
● True 3D mapping system that understands depth and maps around 3D shapes
● End to end project approach provides seamless workflow from content creation to projection
● Intuitive interface and guided approach to workflow ensures a highly efficient project delivery
● Comprehensive user interface and unified workspace - no need for additional software
● Real time control and rendering allows on-the-fly and last minute modifications
● Can be used to create complex and simple 3D projection mapping setups
● Supports import of all common 3D file formats
● Supports embedded UV maps and projective texturing

● SHAPE's framework has been in development by Green Hippo for some time now. Whilst version 1.0 is without doubt a powerful tool in itself, our developers have planned ahead with this ground-breaking new software. SHAPE will always work seamlessly with Green Hippo products but its structure is such that it will evolve over time into an invaluable standalone production tool for industry professionals involved in every stage of projecting 3D images. We anticipate its development will be instrumental in unifying the process for this exciting genre. Watch this (3D) space

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