The new standard for touring media servers. With four DVI or HD-SDI outputs, Hippotizer
Boreal is designed for the rigours of life on the road. All video outputs are EDID managed
with dedicated hardware to ensure easy set up and operation in any environment.
Each output includes a second parallel connection to enable local monitoring.

Technical Data Sheet

● Internal SMPTE card available
● Genlock Available
● 4 Front accessible Removable Hard Drives with STRATA Caddy System
● Optional Touch screen
● Front-mounted status LEDs
● 4 x DVI or HD-SDI outputs (choosen at purchase)
● EDID management on all outputs
● Stereo XLR Audio in and out with isolation and earth lift
● Up to 2 internal Capture Cards
● Optional: 100Gb Ethernet for superfast media transfer


Example using 1 X Hippotizer Boreal Unit

● Use parallel outputs (DVI or SDI) to preview multiple outputs

● One Boreal driving 4x HD projectors over DVI

● Low latency SDI or DVI Capture available

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